Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I'm Learning: Wait on the Lord.

What I'm Reading: I recently read the Dugger's 2nd book and it was sure a blessing! I love their first book, too!

What I'm Listening to: Christmas music on the Z online.

What I'm Eating: Still juicing but I have a new love... chocolate pudding made with avacado. Sounds gross, I know. I despise avacado and found this as a trick way to get them down because I know they're so good for me. All it tekes is 2 avacado, some cacoa porder and maple syrup. Whip it in a food processor and you won't believe it's not pudding!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My Angel Annie turns 9 in two days!

What I'm Laughing About: My husband had a squirrel catapult off his head yesterday. Sounds cruel that I'm laughing but he's laughing, too:)

What I'm Thankful For: We had a great trip to FL for Thanksgiving!

What I'm doing for a Workout: I just ran a marathon two weeks ago so I can tell you what I'm NOT doing: long runs!!! I recently read that 4-6, 30 second sprints are more effective cardio boosters and fat burners thatn a 30 minute run. So I've been doing lots of sprints, just for something new.

What I'm Excited About: LIFE!

What's been working for us: A game I bought in Cali called Fish Sticks. So much fun!

What I'm Praying About: A cousin I love dearly who needs a lift from the Lord.

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