Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tis The Season

Our family spent all of December passing around a stomach bug. The Bible does say that it's better to give than to receive but I'm not sure that applies here!

As we got close to Christmas we had two tell-tale signs that we had been sick long enough. The first was when our 5-year-old son mistakenly called a diary, a diarrhea.

The second was when our 10 year-old daughter was overheard singing the following lyrics to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas:

On the first day of Christmas, my mother gave to me.... a pot lined with a garbage bag.

On the second day of Christmas my mother gave to me... two bowls of soup.

... three gatoraids
... four tissues.
... five wipies.
... six vitamins.
... seven anti-puke pills.
... eight Ritz crackers.
... nine bowls of jello
... ten servings of soup
... eleven trips to the bathroom
... twelve back scratches.

Well if that didn't lift our spirits and put us in the Christmas mood...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I'm Learning: Wait on the Lord.

What I'm Reading: I recently read the Dugger's 2nd book and it was sure a blessing! I love their first book, too!

What I'm Listening to: Christmas music on the Z online.

What I'm Eating: Still juicing but I have a new love... chocolate pudding made with avacado. Sounds gross, I know. I despise avacado and found this as a trick way to get them down because I know they're so good for me. All it tekes is 2 avacado, some cacoa porder and maple syrup. Whip it in a food processor and you won't believe it's not pudding!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My Angel Annie turns 9 in two days!

What I'm Laughing About: My husband had a squirrel catapult off his head yesterday. Sounds cruel that I'm laughing but he's laughing, too:)

What I'm Thankful For: We had a great trip to FL for Thanksgiving!

What I'm doing for a Workout: I just ran a marathon two weeks ago so I can tell you what I'm NOT doing: long runs!!! I recently read that 4-6, 30 second sprints are more effective cardio boosters and fat burners thatn a 30 minute run. So I've been doing lots of sprints, just for something new.

What I'm Excited About: LIFE!

What's been working for us: A game I bought in Cali called Fish Sticks. So much fun!

What I'm Praying About: A cousin I love dearly who needs a lift from the Lord.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big News: Entwined Wedding Giveaway 2012

We are so excited to finally be able to share that we are finalists in a national contest to win an incredible wedding valued at $85,000 (to renew our vows) in San Antonio, Texas. We weren't allowed to tell until Entwined made the finalists public. But now we can shout it from the roof tops! And shout we will:) Here are the deatils:

  • You have to "like" Entwined 2012 in order to vote (you can like them now!)

  • Voting will begin on November 1st and is done through Facebook

  • Voting ends on November 15th

  • The couple with the most votes wins the wedding (but we're all winners because we have found someone to share our lives with:)

  • You can see more about the giveaway at

  • Here's a link to our video on YouTube:

What you can do:

  • Please like Entwined and vote once voting opens

  • Tell others

  • Please share our links on FB and encourage your friends to share, and so on

  • If you have a blog, please post about it

  • Hug yourself- we appreciate you!

We had to submit a story, some pictures, and a video. Our entry was one of hundreds so we were shocked to find out that we made the top 10. Here's our video (we'll post the story portion of our entry soon:):

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This week...

What I'm Learning: It's hard to keep things going here when I'm flying solo. Casey was gone for another week and I spent most of the week being bitter about him being gone. Thankfully, I got my act together before he returned home today so we had a sweet reunion. I listened to some Nancy Leigh DeMoss podcasts at and they gave me a much needed kick in the behind. I highly recommend listening to her teachings.

What I'm Reading: I just finished a book by Voddie Baucham called Family Driven Faith. I started it on Mother's Day. Sad that it took me so long especially because it's such a great book! Now Casey's reading it:)

What I'm Listening to: Revive our Hearts Radio- see above:)

What I'm Eating: I'm still loving my juicer but I'm also eating a lot of chopped salad. I just stuff my blender full of greens, carrots, brocolli, tomatoes, etc... and chop it all up. Eating a salad this way helps the body to take in 3-5 times more of the nutrients from the veggies because they're getting broken down more than they would be if we just chewed a few times and swallowed. I also find that I eat twice the amount of salad this way because it's all chopped up. It looks like less but I'm really getting more! I also love chopped/blended salads because I get all of the yummy stuff in each bite. Since it's all mixed together, I don't have to poke around with my fork to try to get all the good stuff.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Some normalcy... being together!

What I'm Laughing About: We saw this cool display of ceiling-high suitcases at the Sacramento airport:

I was so inspired by this that I've decided to try the same thing in my house but with laundry instead!!!

What I'm Working On: Making sure that I don't get bitter again like I was this past week:(

What I'm Thankful For: I just had an incredible trip with my oldest to California. We visited my sister, saw my aunt and her family, and my mom went too, so it was extra special. It was very relaxing and we made some great memories! We went to Alcatraz, spent a day in San Francisco, rode a ferry, went to church with my aunt, drove on Lombard Street and saw the Pacific ocean- incredible! Here are a couple pictures:

What I'm doing for a Workout: I had a ten miler on Fri. and a 20 miler on Sat. My sister loaned us a bike for Casey so he's going to start to come along on my runs. That will be great!

What I'm Excited About: I got accepted into the Boston Marathon so I'm just thrilled about that. It not until April but we're planning a road trip in an RV with the whole fam. Should be cool!!!

What's been working for us: Not much, right now. We've all been here, there, and everywhere for the past 12 days so we're all just happy to be together. Most of the kids are camping out in the tent tonight so they're enjoying that.

What I'm Praying About: That I will learn from my falures this week and be more Christ-like because of that.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This week...

What I'm Learning: I need my husband!!! He's been gone for a week and I really miss him and his help. He and our oldest son return home tomorrow, Lord willing. They both have big hugs waiting from me!

What I'm Reading: A book about garlic and vinegar and how they are "miracle" cures.

What I'm Listening to: We had the most amazing man come and tune our piano last week (thanks mom!). He left us with a CD of songs he's recorded. Beautiful gospel music. This man is completely blind and after touching our piano for about five minutes, he told me the year it was made and in which city it was made!

What I'm Eating: I got a... drum roll please... Champion juicer (used from Craigslist) yesterday and I am a juicing fool! I LLOOVVEE it and highly recommend that everyone get one and use it. Not a standard, el cheapo juicer but the Champion. It's incredible and I already feel so much more energetic because of all the produce I've consumed. It's truly amazing. Now, don't go buy one tomorrow. Wait three months and see if I'm still using and loving mine or if I'm ready to put it up for sale on Craigslist b/c it's just taking up space. Oh, I hope that's not me. I've wanted one for years so I think this will become a lifestyle for me:) We'll see!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My boys returning home... duh!

What I'm Laughing About: At the library this week, I was reading a list of prohibited behaviors in the library. One said "No putting feet or legs on tables or chairs". I HONESTLY read that over and over wondering why it had to be on the list. Did people really bring in table legs and claw feet to add to the library furniture? I almost asked the librarian about it (this is for real people!) but didn't. It wasn't until I was on the way home when it hit me (yes, I was still wondering if that was really such a problem in the libraries these days) that it meant that people couldn't put their own feet or legs up on the furniture- they didn't want people lounging around or the homeless making beds out of their benches. Oh my, my brain is SOOOOO fried! And I'm homeschooling?? This is scary folks!

What I'm Working On: Getting to bed early- still!

What I'm Thankful For: Everyone is over the stomach bug that plagued our house this week. Of course it had to come while my bestie was out of town:(

What I'm doing for a Workout: Long run on Sat. was 15.5 miles. My legs are in shreds- yikes! I have a long way to go to get ready for that marathon. Fortunately it's still 3 months away!

What I'm Excited About: My boys coming home (and my Champion juicer)!

What's been working for us: Daily training sessions with the littles. Emmie comes when I call... most of the time:)

What I'm Praying About: That my husband will return to a refreshed wife who's ready to be all that he needs.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What I'm Learning: My cousin was here this week and I learned a lot (and had a refresher course, too) about marriage. What really impressed me was this, and I quote straight from her:

"I've decided that my relationship with my husband is more important that any thing. So when I walk into the bathroom after he's left for work and I see his hairs in the sink, from shaving, I don't get upset that I have to clean it up. Instead, I smell his cologne in the air, and think Man, I just missed him." No, she's not a newlywed- married over 20 years!

What I'm Reading: "The Peachtree Garden Book"

What I'm Listening to: We had the most amazing man come and tune our piano today (thanks mom!). He left us with a CD of songs he's recorded. Beautiful gospel music. This man is completely blind and after touching our piano for about five minutes, he told me the year it was made and in which city it was made!

What I'm Eating: Our favorite treat lately is a smoothy made with frozen bananas, natural peanut butter, and almond milk (vanilla is best). There's no recipe- just adjust it to taste:)

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm running a 5K in the morning. My first this year. Should be fun!

What I'm Laughing About: We got a ticket in the mail with a picture of our van running a red light: $70 please. I'm not laughing about the ticket but it was dated the same day that we had our crazy day at Six Flags in Atlanta. The cherry on top!

What I'm Working On: Getting to bed early- well, not tonight. I've been having a hard time staying awake during the day. I've got to do better about getting enough sleep.

What I'm Thankful For: An incredible first week of homeschooling!!!

What I'm doing for a Workout: #2 is training for a 10K on Labor Day so we did a couple runs together this work- including a hill workout. I really enjoy those times together:)

What I'm Excited About: LIFE

What's been working for us: Two of the girls started a "Utilities Committee" and are keeping track of when anyone in the house does things that waste electricity (like leave the door open, light on, etc...). They've posted a list of things not to do and have a tally sheet posted in the hallway. At the end of the week, everyone pays 10 cents per tally. We're saving up to buy two of these.

What I'm Praying About: Baby has a fever:(

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Back

I am going to try blogging again but with a more straight forward format this time. Instead of writing my trademark 10 page stories, I'm going to try to just give quick little updates in several categories. This will help minimize the time it takes for me to post and it will give me a snap-shot of my life at that moment for posterity sake. So here it goes:)

What I'm Learning: I've finally figured out that if I stay on top of little things, they don't grow into big things. This has translated into my house staying "clean" for two weeks straight- a first, for sure!!!

What I'm Reading: "18 & Counting". Reading it for the second time. It's just such a sweet and straight forward book that teaches, inspires and encourages. I'm also reading Jeremiah 42-43. Great lessons in these two chapters.

What I'm Listening to: Kari Jobe. One of the girls won her CD and I am officially hooked! It's so refreshing to hear a singer who is just worshipping with a sweet authenticity. I have grown tired of the worldliness and grunge sound in Christian music so I'm being blessed by Kari's music.

What I'm Eating: Our favorite treat lately is a smoothy made with frozen bananas, natural peanut butter, and almond milk (vanilla is best). There's no recipe- just adjust it to taste:)

What I'm Looking Forward To: We start back to school on Monday.

What I'm Laughing About: We took a recent trip to Six Flags that turned out to be a doozy! Without telling the long story, all I will say is that we were there for two hours before we even started doing anything. Ah, precious memories!!!

What I'm Working On: I'm trying to improve my tone with the children. Learning to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.

What I'm Thankful For: Holding Emmie's hand. At 16 months, her hand is so tiny and trusting.

What I'm doing for a Workout: I've started training for the Spacecoast marathon again so I'm building up my mileage. Last week's long run was 11 miles. I've just started week three of an 18 week program.

What I'm Excited About: We got 11 chickens! We've had farm fresh eggs for the past 3 days. What fun!

What's been working for us: This week I sponsored a poster contest among the children. They each got a 1/4 sheet of poster board and had to design a poster that instructs and informs on proper dental hygiene. I was looking online to buy one to put on the back of the bathroom door and decided instead to have the children design their own. The top 2 winners get theirs hung up in the bathroom,. Everyone gets a new toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss. The kids are very excited about the contest. It's been fun but I don't want to have to judge!

What I'm Praying About: Ah, my heart is heavy for many personal concerns but I can share that I'm praying wholeheartedly for the heart of one of my children.