Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This week...

What I'm Learning: I need my husband!!! He's been gone for a week and I really miss him and his help. He and our oldest son return home tomorrow, Lord willing. They both have big hugs waiting from me!

What I'm Reading: A book about garlic and vinegar and how they are "miracle" cures.

What I'm Listening to: We had the most amazing man come and tune our piano last week (thanks mom!). He left us with a CD of songs he's recorded. Beautiful gospel music. This man is completely blind and after touching our piano for about five minutes, he told me the year it was made and in which city it was made!

What I'm Eating: I got a... drum roll please... Champion juicer (used from Craigslist) yesterday and I am a juicing fool! I LLOOVVEE it and highly recommend that everyone get one and use it. Not a standard, el cheapo juicer but the Champion. It's incredible and I already feel so much more energetic because of all the produce I've consumed. It's truly amazing. Now, don't go buy one tomorrow. Wait three months and see if I'm still using and loving mine or if I'm ready to put it up for sale on Craigslist b/c it's just taking up space. Oh, I hope that's not me. I've wanted one for years so I think this will become a lifestyle for me:) We'll see!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My boys returning home... duh!

What I'm Laughing About: At the library this week, I was reading a list of prohibited behaviors in the library. One said "No putting feet or legs on tables or chairs". I HONESTLY read that over and over wondering why it had to be on the list. Did people really bring in table legs and claw feet to add to the library furniture? I almost asked the librarian about it (this is for real people!) but didn't. It wasn't until I was on the way home when it hit me (yes, I was still wondering if that was really such a problem in the libraries these days) that it meant that people couldn't put their own feet or legs up on the furniture- they didn't want people lounging around or the homeless making beds out of their benches. Oh my, my brain is SOOOOO fried! And I'm homeschooling?? This is scary folks!

What I'm Working On: Getting to bed early- still!

What I'm Thankful For: Everyone is over the stomach bug that plagued our house this week. Of course it had to come while my bestie was out of town:(

What I'm doing for a Workout: Long run on Sat. was 15.5 miles. My legs are in shreds- yikes! I have a long way to go to get ready for that marathon. Fortunately it's still 3 months away!

What I'm Excited About: My boys coming home (and my Champion juicer)!

What's been working for us: Daily training sessions with the littles. Emmie comes when I call... most of the time:)

What I'm Praying About: That my husband will return to a refreshed wife who's ready to be all that he needs.

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